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Lose 10 lbs in 30 days | Guidelines for taking a combo

Take your program to the next level by taking a combo. Our combo’s are very strong and only recommended for those who need to loose at least 100 lbs or more, those who have the most resistant systems [Android & Thyroid], or those who have conditions that can cause insulin resistance. Our combo’s are also great for those who have reached a plateau and want to loose those last 10-15 lbs in a short period of time. 

The process is easy. First, choose your fat blocker. You will take two (2) of these first thing when you start your day and eat 30 min later. [Our fat blockers are formulated to work with high calorie and fat intensive diets, causing you to lose more pounds]. Fat blockers consist of Evolve, Insane, Ampd 3.0, BTrim Max, Intense, Edge & Ampd Gold. 

Next, choose your slimmer. You will take one (1) of these at lunch time or four (4) hours after taking your fat blocker; again eating 30 min later. [Our slimmers are formulated to work with more well balanced diets and healthy eating, causing you to lose more inches]. Slimmers consist of Extreme, Indigo, BTrim, Azure, Reboot and Afire. 
create a combo at fabulous transformations
Lastly, be sure to follow the steps in the program as you choose your products. [For example: take step #1 (evolve) and step #2 (extreme) together; during your next month you would take step #3 (insane) and step #4 (indigo) together and so on and so forth]. Our steps are in line to rotate your fat blocker and slimmer each month in order to avoid plateau and prevent your body from getting use to what you are doing. This will also give you an even weight loss all the way around with out risking rebounding the weight at the end of your program. 

PLEASE NOTE: Once you start to take a combo, you will need to continue on a combo in order for your body to respond and get results. If you go back to simply taking one product of capsules, you will not get the results you desire, as your body has gotten use to a certain milligram dosage each month and will need that same amount to continue shedding pounds and inches simultaneously.
~Think Skinny, Live FABulous~

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