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Breaking Through Barriers | 5 Road Blocks to Weight Loss Success

As we go through life, there are often obstacles that tend to hold us back from obtaining the goals that we work so hard to achieve. We put forth our best efforts, and sometimes along the way it seems like it’s just not enough; that no matter how hard we try, there is always something in the way to hold us back.

Going through a weight loss program is no different. Trying to change our bodies and live a more healthier, happier life is in fact one of the most challenging roads to travel. However, as with any course in life, when we identify those challenges and bring more awareness to them; it becomes easier to overcome, persevere and eventually achieve success.

I'll be your coach: Princess J Campbell

I’ll be your coach: Princess J Campbell

Join me this week as I identify 5 barriers that take a strong hold in the realm of weight loss; road blocks that pop up quite frequently as we strive to make changes that will have positive effects on our bodies and lives forever. Each day I will focus on a barrier that stops us in our path, demeans our spirit, kills our self esteem or allows us to self destruct. Let’s take a look one by one at what they are, how they make us feel and what we can do to overcome them. Time to grab the bull by the horns!

1st Block >>> Solitude

Losing weight is a battle that can not be fought with a one man army. Think about how many times we join a gym, order work out dvd’s and nutritional systems, count calories or drink shakes. When it comes down to it, how consistent are we? How long do we say we’re going to commit and then how quick does it take us to slack off here and there until we just give in to temptation and indulge in all those goodies that got us to be over weight in the first place. Anytime we begin a journey alone, we are subject to quit alone. It’s so easy because there is no one to call us a quitter, no one to say how we started yet another program and gave up before we even gave it time to work. There’s no one there to tell us that we CAN do it; that the finish line is not as far as we think. No one is around to coach us when the going gets tough. When no one is around to see us fail, that’s when we fall short of our potential to be winners.

Instead start your program with a friend. Honestly, a true best friend is willing to do anything with you if they really love and care about you. If you are over weight, I’m sure you have friends or family in your circle who are over weight as well. So why not ask them to start something new with you. Chances are they are looking for the same solutions you are.

I have always been one to quit a weight loss effort when I try to go about it alone. Which is why I’m so glad that when I first began to detox for weight loss, I had my friend Jasmine Thomas start with me. We both began on the very same day and it made ALL the difference in the world. Because detoxing involves frequent trips to the restroom, it wasn’t embarrassing for us to be at work and take off running to the bathroom. Only the two of us knew exactly what was going on, so the inside jokes became a daily ritual. Before you know it, we were watching each other shrink & disappear! At first we couldn’t tell the difference on ourselves, but we could definitely tell on each other. After about 3 months, all of our co-workers could tell too! And sure enough, they were eager to begin the program as well. Needless to say, I’m so thankful for a friend who was just as anxious as I was to lose the weight “by Any Means Necessary”. =-) I owe it to her that I didn’t quit before I even got started, because all the while she was right there with me, encouraging me and making me smile through those “tough” days in the bathroom. Now we sit back and laugh at how we started, with feelings of pride at how far we’ve come.

Princess & Jasmine Weight Loss Success at FABulous Transformations

My friend Jasmine helped me overcome the SOLITUDE barrier. Now we both live the FABulous life!

My friend Jasmine has lost over 90 lbs! She didn’t do it in SOLITUDE!

I have lost over 70 lbs! I didn’t do it in SOLITUDE!


I challenge anyone who is doing this program alone, to bring a friend into your weight loss journey. Let your friend be your motivation, listen to you when you are ready to quit and make you laugh at the tough times in this journey. If you can’t find a friend to take this walk with you, give me a call. I’ll be right there with you, every step of the way.

Local Office: (336) 793-0703

Toll Free: (888) 406-5402 ext 100

Follow our blog as I will discuss the other 4 road blocks listed below through out the week.

2. Shame

3. Fear

4. Self Honesty

5. Anxiety

Until next time remember: Think Skinny, Live FABulous 

xoxo – Princess  

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