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Breaking Through Barriers | Road Block #2

If you’ve tried to lose weight before, and failed; trust me, you’re not alone. No matter how much success I’ve had on the 90 Days to SKINNY program, there are still obstacles that get in the way of me reaching new goals that I’ve set for myself. As many of my clients have that same success, they begin to see that losing weight CAN be accomplished; so they too begin to set new goals to lose even more weight than they first thought possible.

Princess Campbell lost over 70 lbs on the 90 Days to Skinny Program

I’ll be your coach: Princess J Campbell

In my coaching seminars I go through a series of Barriers To Success that are important to identify. Recognizing these barriers as they arise will give you more strength and courage to fight back while keeping your end goals in mind. When we identify those challenges and bring more awareness to them; it becomes easier to overcome, persevere and eventually achieve success.

Last week we discussed the realm of Solitude. How going though a program alone makes it easy to quit, as there is no one there to tell us to keep going, encourage or motivate us to the finish line. Let’s dive into Barrier #2 and make this week a breakthrough week for SUCCESS!

2nd Block >>> SHAME

Being Big does not always mean being beautiful. Even though many celebrity women strive to make it easy to love ourselves the size we are no matter what, it’s not always as easy as it looks on TV. When we’ve been overweight the majority of our lives, certain habits become a lifestyle. These habits exhibit shame of an overweight body.  You may not even notice that you are doing these things, because again, they have just become part of your life. Those habits can be any or all of the following:

  • Extremely Baggy Clothes
  • Dark Color Clothes
  • Over Weight Friends/Spouse
  • Avoiding the Scale
  • Not Seeking Health or Fitness Advice

When we have attempted to lose weight time and time again, yet we fail to reach goals or have any success, it leaves us feeling disappointed in ourselves.  A feeling that we never want to acknowledge. We sweep it under the rug and carry on about our lives projecting the perception that we’re happy; when really inside we are utterly ashamed of ourselves for quitting too soon, not giving 100% committment or just not having the energy to get it done. We’re ashamed of how we look, how we feel and how we even let it get this far. After all, why couldn’t I just stop eating, make healthier choices; why couldn’t I get it done? We’re ashamed of the choices we’ve made that have led us to these results.

I BEG OF YOU, DON’T LET SHAME BE A BARRIER TO YOUR SUCCESS! Yes we have these feelings, Yes we’ve failed in the past and Yes, we are attempting yet another weight loss program. However, you must first LOVE the body you’re in, to thrive in a body transformed! If you are not used to loving yourself in your current state of being, once you do lose the weight, it will not get any easier. The majority of my clients who do not love themselves from the beginning of the program, are more likely to fail during the first 90 Days than those that do. If you are accustomed to wearing clothes that hide the curves of your body, how can you see your body changing as you go through a weight loss program? The mind-set is more powerful than the physical abilities of the body. So before you begin to give up on yourself; stop and think about all the characteristics you LOVE about yourself. Those personality traits that make you loved by your friends and family. Take a risk and wear something outside the norm of your wardrobe. Brighten up the colors, lose those sweats, even try something different with your hair. Just make a conscious effort to bring out the best that you have to offer and let that be your guiding light. Let your inner light shine and chances are, that shameful feeling of disgust you once had with yourself will soon diminish; and with positive thinking comes positive reacting. Your positive mind will allow your body to positively react to any program that you may be using for weight loss.


I was not ASHAMED of who I was before!

I challenge anyone who is suffering from feelings of shame, to bring your best characteristics with you everyday during your weight loss journey. Let your character, intelligence or style lead you away from negative thinking and into a mind frame of success! If you can’t find the strength to just LOVE yourself, give me a call. I’ll be right there with you, every step of the way.

Local Office: (336) 793-0703

Toll Free: (888) 406-5402 ext 100

Follow our blog as I will discuss the other 3 road blocks listed below throughout the week.

3. Fear

4. Self Honesty

5. Anxiety

Until next time remember: Think Skinny, Live FABulous 

xoxo – Princess  

FABulous Transformations

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