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3 Step Guide to Re-Start Your Weight Loss Program

Fell off track during the holidays?

How to Re-Start Your Signature Skinny Weight Loss Program!

It happens to the best of us. We start off strong because we are so eager to lose this dreadful weight that’s been holding us back from living healthy & FABulous! We commit ourselves and start to see results within the first couple of months. Then, for some strange reason, as soon as we feel comfortable with the half way mark, we let life get in the way of achieving our goals. The consistency starts to slack little by little; we eat on the go and blow our conscious healthy eating choices; we grab a soda instead of water and before you know it, jeans are too tight and the scale has moved in the wrong direction.

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No worries! It’s never a point in time where you can not get back on track. As long as you are living, you have the opportunity, to get healthy and lose weight! Here’s a quick guide on how to get back started with our 90 Days to Skinny Weight Loss System.

FAB 90 Days to SKINNY

Anytime you go off the program follow this concept to get back started:

  • If it’s been less than 6 months, pick up with the step you left off on. Do a 3 day cleanse with our Natural Cleansing Tea to clean the digestive track and regulate the pH balance for optimal absorption of the capsules.
  • If it’s been more than 6 months, start at the beginning of the program for your body type. Also do the 3 day cleanse to get your system ready and go from there.

Step 1 | Cleanse for 3 days

Drink 1 cup of our natural cleansing tea for 3 days. This will cleanse your digestive system and balance your pH for optimal absorption of your Signature Skinny Supplement.

slim beauty tea


Step 2 | Start your Signature Skinny product

Remember, start from where you left off if it’s been less than 6 months. If it’s been longer, start from the beginning of your program.

If you’re a beginner and have never tried our program before, start with our Body Type Quiz, Chose Your Matching Program and start with the beginning supplement.

create a combo at fabulous transformations

3 | Follow the System & Tips for Success

It’s important to understand that our products work in a system to give your full body an even weight loss transformation. It’s great for women because it allows you to keep the curves that define a woman’s body while eliminating the fat simultaneously. Be sure to follow the numbers in order move on to the correct step each month. Only stay on 1 product for 1 month, even if you loved the results you got. This is necessary so your body does not get use to what you are doing and hit plateau.

You can maximize your progress by following our 10 Tips to Skinny Success!

Bonus Tips | Use an enhancer to boost your results

Our weight loss enhancers are great if you have a goal to reach in a short period of time. Try the Alkaline to reduce your body’s acidic level and regulate the pH of your system. The fiber supplement is great if you rarely or never have bowel movements (which should be daily). The slim patches are very popular for flattening a targeted area such as the stomach. And if you have a hard time consuming fruits & veggies on a daily basis, the Vtox will aid your body in the functions missing when you don’t eat the recommended daily dosage of fruits and vegetables. It also replaces the vitamins and minerals that are stripped from the body when we detox.

Enhancers for Rapid Weight Loss at FABulous Transformations

Finally | Celebrate All Success

Lot’s of times, my clients get discouraged when they only see the scale move 3 or 5 lbs per month. However I must encourage them that any deduction in your weight is a reason to celebrate! Imagine carrying around a 5 lb weight with you all day long. What may seem like a small number in quantity will feel like a ‘weight has been lifted off of you’ when it’s gone. So maintain positive thinking throughout your program in order keep your body transforming. Any loss is a WIN in your program.


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