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30 Healthy Habits for a Sexy Body in 2013 | Part I


The New Year is in and off to a fast start as we enter Feb in only a few more days. I know that many of you made a resolution (or thought about making one) 🙂 to start back focusing on your health, weight and body image. Easier said than done right? Well it’s time to ‘Man Up’ and get serious about how we’re taking care of our bodies 24/7; and not just at the start of a new year.

Lot’s of times, we don’t really know how to create a Healthy, Active Lifestyle. We know the end result we want, but don’t quite have a game plan on how to get there.

Well, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone! I challenge you to make 5 small changes this year to be healthy and fit … because YOU are worth it!

AMPD Gold Signature Skinny FABulous Transformatins (478x800)

I’ll share 30 tips and facts  with you to help you get started. Share which 5 you will chose to do this year with us on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE or via TWITTER and mention us @Detox4Beauty or use hashtags:  #detoxforbeauty #detox4beauty #teamFAB   We’ll choose 3 lucky fans to WIN a FREE sample of our newest product: Signature Skinny Ampd Gold!

Here’s your first ten:

1. Detox – detox  the body getting out the toxins every 12 weeks. You can detox naturally with food or find a mild supplements [I recommend the supplements that helped me lose over 70 lbs: Signature Skinny! Order HERE]

2. Get on a 30 day meal plan

3. Seek out healthy recipes

4. Stay away from energy condensing foods such as sweets,carbs, foods high in salt and sodium


6. Set some type of health goals for yourself ex. I want to be a in a size 6 dress in 30 days


7. Find an outfit and make it your goal outfit and hang it in your daily view

8. Add some helpful applications to your “apps” on your phone such as : Shopwell a calorie counter and food scanner, Myfitnesspal, or join our online health community at

9. Fit in a “Fitness Plan”

10. Consider joining a 24 hour gym

*Bonus Tip* >>> Switch from regular milk to 2%. If you already drink 2%, go down another notch to 1% or skim milk. Each step downward cuts the calories by about 20 percent. Once you train your taste buds to enjoy skim milk, you’ll have cut the calories in the whole milk by about half and trimmed the fat by more than 95 percent.

I hope this helps give you a great start into your new year. See you at the finish line!

-Think Skinny, Live FABulous



2 comments on “30 Healthy Habits for a Sexy Body in 2013 | Part I

  1. Sonja
    January 28, 2013

    Great article Princess….

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