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Weight Loss Timelines for Each Body Type

As you can see, every one’s body is different. Here is the guideline to better assess your situation. Out of the four body types the Gynaeoid Body will have the fastest results, while the Thyroid Body Model will have to take our supplements a lot longer.

The Gynaeoid Body Type will immediately see results within the second (2nd) month.  Depending on your starting weight you will achieve perfect results in 8 months, and 12 months for permanent results.

The Android Body Type will see results drastic results within the third month, they will have their ideal body in 8 months, and it will take 12 months for the results to be permanent.

Unfortunately the Thyroid Body Type will take the longest but there is hope, expect to see a transformation by the fourth (4th) month. You will attain perfect results in 10 months, and the results will become permanent in 12 months.

The Lymphatic Body Type will see results between the second and third month.(8 Months until Perfect Results) 12 Months for Permanent Results.

Our results are based on averages, it might take less or it might take more time. A lot of factors contribute to the final result such as: diet, age, body type, and consistency.

Things to consider:

* Try to remove any stimulants from your diet: such as coffee, sodas, and teas.
* Other factors that can delay your results will be: stress, sleep, and diet.
* A high quality calorie diet is recommended
* A good exercise regimen is recommended

*** It takes 12 continuous months for the human body to establish and keep new patterns. So even if you notice results before 12 months, it is highly recommended to finish the 12 month course for permanent results. ***

To learn your body type and get started on our 90 Days to Skinny Weight Loss System, you can take our Body Type Quiz HERE

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