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Company founded:
May 2010
Corporate Headquarters:
Greensboro, NC
Raleigh, NC
Greensboro, NC
Services Offered:
One-on-One Consultations | Detox Coaching | Support Group Meetings | Online Tools | VIP Members Social Network | Detox Parties | Distributor Opportunities

FABulous Transformations is a company dedicated to providing all natural products and support services for weight loss.
Our Mission: To offer the gift of health and beauty to all persons who are seeking to lose weight, detox their body, and/or get healthy.
Our Vision: To change the lives of people across the globe, offering the chance to be healthy and confident in the most safe and encouraging ways possible.
Our Brand: We bring a complete experience to transform, be empowered and truly life a FABulous lifestyle.
Why Choose Us?
 Our VIP member forum is available for clients to cross communicate with one another about their success and failures in this program or another. We offer advice and advanced tips for each stage of your detox and give you the extra tools you will need to track your progress. The information will help push you to loose the weight beyond  your set goals and help you keep the weight off well and long after your original detox. On this network, clients post pictures to track their progress, blog, join groups, share tips, and get one-on-one detox coaching and support. Of course the forum is only useful to you guys with feedback, comments, and new posts so feel free to join our community and make the most out of your detox.
Being FABulous is not just about loosing weight…it’s truly a lifestyle change. Not only will you look good, but you will definitely feel good! Your confidence will soar and those wings will no longer hide; you will be flying on a high of self confidence! Now that the baggy clothes are out…time for some new skinny girl/guy clothes. 🙂 That means everything about you as a man or woman should to match that new attitude. Presentation is everything so it’s important to have clothes that fit your body nicely. Clothes too big can seem messy or sloppy; giving off the impression of a larger version than you really are. So show off your new figure and be proud of the progress you’ve made!
We will assist you locating the best of the best in any category: fashion, beauty (hair, nails, make-up, ext), and  networking. Cross marketing with other business owners and finding them in your local area.

Our Passion
 We are passionate about health and beauty, weight-loss and maintenance and everything that will elevate a person’s self image.  We understand the mental and physical torments of low self-worth and low self esteem and we will provide an experience that will show our consumers that they are priceless.

We are honest and straight-forward.

FABulous Transformations, Inc. is a consumer just like you and we understand the importance of getting what you paid for; and we will provide a genuine and consistent contribution each day and we will act with honor and goodwill.  The products that we provide are safe, and the quality is unmatched; we are a reputable company that will not engage in any negative exchanges with our competitors. FAB Inc. believes that our products and services will elevate our company to the top.

We practice teamwork.

We are a growing company and we are researching constantly for opportunities to support our consumers, affiliates, representatives, staff, and founders our motto is working together to create service delivery efficiencies.

We value our customers.

We will treat everyone we encounter as we wish to be treated, with integrity and respect, when you purchase from us or our affiliates know that you are receiving a experience and not just an item in the mail.  Our company does not allow just anyone to become a member, this is because we expect quality and expertise.

We welcome innovation and change.

We will encourage and support innovation, creativity, and adaptability to change.

Founder’s Story
You can listen the founder’s story below on iTunes, just click Play
Company | Why did you start this company? 
I'll be your coach: Princess J Campbell

I’ll be your coach: Princess J Campbell

I started this company  to offer the gift of health and beauty to all persons who are seeking to lose weight, Detox their body, and/or get healthy. My overall vision is to change the lives of people everywhere, offering the chance to be healthy and confident in the most safe and encouraging ways possible. I wanted to give the full body transformation that I once experienced in an effort to change someone’s life forever. When you lose a significant amount of weight, no matter how much you may have loved yourself in the size before, it improves so many other areas in your life, primarily your health. Being able to breathe easier, walk longer, do things with movement that don’t tire you out; can make all the difference in every action you take in life. You live life with more purpose, more determination and more vision. You begin to believe in yourself more, and that’s the reason I first started FABulous Transformations, to offer men and women just that.
Program | What does your company do?  
Our company focuses on the improvement in men & women’s day to day lives in the area’s of health and wellness. We offer products and services that aid in the area’s of health, beauty and weight loss. We have a local presence in Greensboro & Raleigh NC as well as in the Midwest in Minneapolis MN. We have an online presence, our website is where you can purchase all of our amazing products as well as participate in our support services via webinars and our exclusive VIP social network.
Products | What products does your company offer?      
Our products are extremely unique and by far the best I’ve seen on the market. Our all natural Detox products allow clients to lose record breaking numbers in pounds and inches without having to physically diet and exercise. With a Detox, your body will rid itself of toxins and waste that build up over the years and prevent you from losing weight during a traditional diet or exercise plan. The average human holds about 10 pounds of solid waste in their system that they will never rid. A person overweight could be holding anywhere from 30-40 pounds of solid waste. Our products help you go above and beyond 10 pounds of waste to help restore your bodie’s ph level and jumpstart back your metabolism to provide a rapid yet healthy weight loss.
Services | What services does your company provide?  
Our services are designed to counsel, coach and support those in our weight loss program. We currently provide weekly online webinars, for both clients and distributors, to ensure they are staying on track and understand the dynamics of how to maximize success on a natural Detox program. We also have a VIP social network for clients to share in a community with others who are just like them. We encourage tracking progress by pictures to see your body transform, the social network is a place to post pictures and celebrate what you see. It’s private, so the only persons who see or read your testimonies, are those going through the journey with you.  We also provide local support through monthly seminars and conferences entitled The FABulous Life. The series started initially serving clients in need of weight loss support; yet we quickly found out that living in a happy and healthy body required more than just eating right, it was about a lifestyle change. Improving one area in life can directly and equally improve another. Hence a program was developed to enhance and enrich all area’s of human development across the lifespan. We are passionate about health and beauty, weight-loss and maintenance and everything that will elevate a person’s self image.  We understand the mental and physical torments of low self-worth and low self esteem and we will provide an experience that will show our consumers that they are priceless.
Founder | Who inspires you to make change in the world, why should people support your companies vision?      

I’m inspired by those who are in the place I once was, overweight and stuck in a place that just wont budge. You try time and time again, but the pounds, they won’t leave you alone. I’m inspired by those who trust in me as well as my company to provide them with a FABulous Transformation. I’ve witnessed so many men and women loose anywhere from 40 – 100 pounds during their journey with us. To see someone come in with no positive self image, no sense of pride in how they look, head down and skeptical about another program; then, to watch them each month, become more slim, more confident, believe more in themselves and what they’re capable of doing, and then to finally say “I’m complete, I’ve transformed, and I’m loving my life more now than ever before”; that’s what inspires me to drive this company further each and every day. And if anyone has ever been in that Before picture, had a close friend or family member struggle in a weight loss journey or battle any issues with self image, they should support the vision of FABulous Transformations as well. Because we are here to support you!

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